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Canine Parvovirus

Vaccinate your puppy today!

Parvo is a deadly disease that often is a cause of death in puppies and young dogs, especially in the Central West region. 

Signs & Symptoms: Signs that your puppy could be infected by parvovirus include dehydration, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and loss of appetite. 

Prevention: The good news is parvo is entirely preventable!  All puppies should be vaccinated from 6-8 weeks of age to provide maximum protection.  It is also important if you have breeding bitches they need up to date vaccinations before have litters of puppies.  This is so she can provide immunity to the puppies while they are suckling as well as ensuring the puppies don’t get infected from their mother.  Puppies should be kept isolated from other dogs and public areas until fully vaccinated.

Treatment: Treatment of parvovirus is available; however it can be expensive and prolonged, with no guarantee of a cure.    

Give us a call on 02 6884 9777, to arrange your puppies vaccinations before it’s too late.

Article by Dr Lexie Fish