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Feline Anxiety Disorder

Cats are creatures of habit and changes to their environment can trigger anxiety.

Anxiety can manifest as a variety of behavioural and medical problems. As many as 1 in 4 cats will have a form of anxiety disorder during their lifetime.

Often owners overlook incidents that may cause their cat significant stress. Such incidents could include; a dinner party, rearranging furniture, or a passing stray animal.

Common signs of cat anxiety include urine spraying, vocalising, behavioural changes, aggression and urinary tract disease. 

Anxiety disorder commonly occurs when the cat is middle aged (5+ years old). It does not discriminate between those living solo or in a multi-cat household.  Some anxiety disorders can actually be life-threatening! 

Most cases can be successfully treated with environmental and behavioural modification, but physical symptoms require immediate medical attention. 

If you are concerned your cat is experiencing anxiety, or showing unusual behavioural changes, bring them into the clinic for a consultation

REMEMBER: All cats should have an annual health check up and vaccination to keep their health in top condition!