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Equine Dental Health

Dr Ross Pedrana performing an Equine Dental Examination

How long has it been since you took your horse to the dentist?  

Horses and ponies need their teeth checked regularly just like dogs and cats. 

Your horses’ teeth are important, and dental pain can cause havoc on a horse’s health.  Horses can experience pain due to oral ulcers, impacted teeth, feed packing, fractured teeth, teeth pushing into the soft tissue of the mouth and tooth root infections. 

All of these problems can be prevented by regular dental check ups and rasping.  Untreated dental problems in horses can cause many problems from issues when riding to colic! 

Horses should have a dental check up annual, with young and older horses requiring more frequent check ups to maintain optimum dental health. 

Call us on 02 6881 6999 to book in your equine dental health check today! We service Dubbo, Narromine and the surrounding district daily.

Article by Dr Lexie Fish